Prevention & Cure, Mossies don’t stand a chance this summer!

With summer fast approaching we look forward to the long days, warm nights, swimming and BBQ’s, except when those annoying little mossies decide to join us! They can drive the most resilient of us indoors and somehow they manage to sneak in and annoy us inside too. Help is now at hand with a new range of anti insect devices and remedies.

The new Ultrasonic Insect and Mosquito Repeller is a portable and compact natural mosquito repellent. Covering a distance of up to three metres, it’s odourless and chemical-free and is perfect for outdoor and indoor use: place it on a table or beside your bed, or clip it onto your clothing. RRP $24.95

New Anti Mosquito Bands will help prevent mossie and insect bites. These colourful silicone bands contain Citronella, a natural essence, that is non-toxic and DEET free, and when worn on the ankle or wrist will help repel these nasties for up to 48 hours. They’re completely safe, waterproof, and easy to use for all the family. Perfect for children and those with sensitive skin as well as anyone concerned about chemical sprays and roll-ons. Be sure to grab some next time you plan to eat outdoors, do some gardening, go camping, fishing, or simply be outside at dusk. They’re a definite good-mood saver! RRP $9.90 pack of 2. Also available in kids size.

New alcohol and DEET free Mosquito Wipes are soft and gentle with added Aloe Vera & Vitamin E. They are non-greasy, and allow you to enjoy the outdoors. Available in a 3 pack you can pop one in the car, one in the nappy bag and a spare for anywhere - easy and convenient to use these are perfect for the beach, home and camping. RRP $14.95 for a bundle 3 pack, each with 10 wipes. Lasts for 6 hours.

Just in case you forget all of these great new preventers, you’d better get your hands on the miraculous and immensely popular Click That Itch. This clever little product is the ultimate cure for mossie bites. Simply put the pointy end on your bite and click a few times. It will quickly relieve the bite from itching and helps to reduce swelling too. It works using a mini electric charge (it doesn’t hurt), which stops the body producing histamines.

Click That Itch uses piezoelectricity to generate high voltage/low intensity electrical impulses that reduce the level of irritant in the bite. Piezoelectricity is created by the mechanical compression of quartz crystals held within the device.

The electrical impulses created by the device stimulate blood flow through the affected area, washing away irritating or poisonous substances introduced under the skin by an insect, which reduces the swelling and itchiness of the bite.

By using piezoelectricity, Click That Itch does not require a battery or energy source and will last for around 5,000 bites in an unlimited time period.

Click that Itch is made in Italy and is clinically trialed. It is suitable for children from 12 months and is small enough to carry everywhere with you. It even works on sandfly, midge and jellyfish stings. Don’t leave home without it this summer. RRP $24.90

For more information and stockists, visit or buy online.

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