Compact & Portable Booster Seat Ideal for Travelling Parents

Currently transport providers in New Zealand, such as taxi companies are charging around $25 to provide booster seats for children in taxis. Often however, the seats are not installed properly, or there is simply not one available to be used.

One such solution for parents and transport operators is the BubbleBum booster seat. The versatility and ease of use of the BubbleBum Booster Seat, is the perfect solution for parents who find themselves in situations where booster seats aren’t provided by transport operators.

Designed to fit into the busy life of families, the BubbleBum travel booster seat can go with children wherever they go, meaning children never have to be stuck without a booster seat again.

Light and compact it can be easily be deflated and folded into a compact carry bag and be transported in schoolbags, handbags or backpacks.

The BubbleBum booster seat is distributed exclusively in New Zealand through Wanaka company, Diverse Limited, General Manager Kelly Good says research indicates that using a belt-positioning booster seat for children up to 148cm will help avoid serious injury in the event of a car accident.

“Children need to remain safe in every car they travel in, including taxis and rental cars,” says Mrs Good.

“The reason a booster seat is required is to ensure that a seat belt fits properly - the same applies in a taxi and rental car, not only the family car. Albeit there are exemptions in the law, there is also a solution out there available to both taxi companies and parents.” “BubbleBum is a portable, lightweight solution that could enable taxi drivers to have a booster seat in their vehicle as this uses a limited amount of space.” The BubbleBum retails for just $89.95.

The BubbleBum is available online at and at selected retailers. BubbleBum meets the European standard ECER44/04.

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