ADOS Addicted to Fishing Hooked for Season Three

After a stella second season, New Zealand’s most exciting fishing and lifestyle show, ADOS Addicted to Fishing gears up for season three, premiering Saturday May 7, 5pm on Prime TV and will give viewers everything from the monstrous Billfish of the Far North to the South Island’s Blue Cod.

Host, Nicky Sinden says viewers will see everything in season three and says the show will continue to appeal to a wider demographic than the traditional fisher blokes.

“The show is intended not to just grab the attention of New Zealand’s predominantly male fisher folk, but to also resonate with the growing number of female anglers and children that seek a TV show that showcases a female presenter week after week learning the secrets of how to catch fish or best way to find them,” says Sinden.

“This show is all about girls getting out there the same way the blokes do, get the boat in the water, get out to the right spots, find the fish, and get them in the catch bin.”

Season three’s premier episode sees Sinden embark on an epic adventure to the infamous Wanganella Banks, a location that most fisherman would only dream of.

Sinden and her team travel a staggering 400 nautical miles offshore over six days, where she lands numerous Yellowfin tuna that are more than 65 kilograms in weight.

Later episodes see Sinden tow her boat down to the South Island as she fishes with a number of locals in the stunning Marlborough Sounds. Sinden teams up with a fifth generation fisherman in a small coastal village in the Pelorus Sounds and the two wrangle Blue Cod and then they're off dredging for scallops with the kids.

Trout fishing is a favourite amongst southerners and Sinden is quick to learn how it’s done in the southern rivers. Trout virtually commit suicide when they see Nicky and her fresh-water fishing companion Stephen Greaney coming!

More than 40% of the new season will see Nicky sharing her fishing knowledge with ladies who are keen to learn more about the sport. In an upcoming episode Sinden takes two beginner female ‘fishos’ out of their comfort zone and has them catching monster fish of the deep in more than 400m of water depth.

In one episode, Sinden takes fellow female angler, Mandy Kupenga out on the water to catch her first marlin - yes just the girls!

With a great family of series partners, Sinden is able to provide the viewer with some amazing insight into the latest fishing methods, technology and also how to care for the variety of fishing based products most kiwis have access to.

“Season three will not only see us undertaking some exciting adventures, but we also want to educate the viewers on the basics of fishing, how to get out there and ultimately catch fish. Season three wouldn’t be complete without a swordfish thrown in the mix for good measure.”

“The diversity of the fish caught in season three will blow people away and we make a huge effort to explore as much of the country as we can to make it a truly national show.”

What: ADOS Addicted to Fishing

When: Starts Saturday May 7, 5.00pm

Where: Prime TV


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