New 10-Year Hull Warranty Across Entire Surtees Range

Surtees Boats has announced that it has extended its 6-year hull warranty out to 10-years across its entire model range.

Surtees Boats have been renowned for having one of the toughest hull designs in the world, designed to be non-flexing and made using only the highest marine grade alloy.

The Surtees hull design features six welded under floor stringers that run the length of the hull, creating the ‘Strengthened Deck System’, which is celebrated for its superior strength and durability, all part of what Surtees Boats call ‘Surtees iQ’ or SiQ for short.

Surtees are known for their high safety standards, so it’s no surprise that the Strengthened Deck System also features 2 large air chambers to provide flotation.

The air chambers run the length of the hull and are pressure tested at the factory to make certain they are 100% airtight for maximum safety.

Surtees CEO, Adam Dyck says that with over 4500 boats built, the company has never had a structural hull failure because they are simply designed and built to last.

“We are so confident of our design and build quality that we have now extended the hull warranty from 6-years out to 10-years worldwide on all of our boats. With over 4500 boats built and not a single hull failure, it’s a true testament to the design and build quality of our boats,” says Dyck.

“A 10-year hull warranty – there are very few manufacturers in Australasia that are prepared to match this.”

Surtees Boats will launch their 10-year hull warranty to the public at the upcoming Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show at Auckland’s ASB Showground May 12-15.

The company has expanded their display to include 10 models from the mighty 495 Workmate right through to the legendary 750 Game Fisher. And to celebrate, Surtees are offering fantastic savings across their award winning range, from $3,000 off the 495 Workmate to $9,000 off the 750 Game Fisher.

Out of it’s Whakatane factory in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty, Surtees Boats employs 50 people and produces 400 boats a year.

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