WASSP Announces New Deeper Water Widescan Model: The F3L - 80 kHz

New Zealand based manufacturer of multibeam technology, WASSP Ltd, has released its new low frequency wideband 80 kHz system, the F3L.

WASSP F3L follows on from the release of the 160 kHz F3 earlier this year which targets the coastal fishing market - F3L now providing a solution for users who require greater depth capabilities.

The F3L uses the new digital DRX hardware, the latest CDX software and utilises the backward compatible WASSP 80 kHz (Chirp 68-92 kHz) transducer – and will give users a full swath coverage to 450M and maximum nadir depth of 900M.

WASSP F3L has been developed on the new DRX advanced signal processing technology, ensuring future capability through the new software licensing model.

Like the F3, the F3L is also available as an "i" version, supplied with the WASSP Integrated heading and motion sensors for a turnkey solution.

Both models in the F3 range benefit from significant software and hardware development to improve overall performance and user interface ensuring efficiency and increased productivity in all fishing methods employed.

“We are very excited about these new third generation WASSP widescan sounders using chirp transmitter technology, with advanced digital signal processing improving mapping resolution, fish detection and the ability to manage interference from other sounders,” says ENL Group Managing Director, Gareth Hodson.

"We are thrilled to also launch our fourth model for 2016. To develop this new core multibeam hardware technology has taken significant investment from our shareholders and it’s very satisfying to see the uptake in S3 and F3 sales earlier this year now followed by delivering this 80 kHz model.”

WASSP F3L is ready and available for shipping via WASSP’s global dealer network.

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