Sensation Yachts SY32 Awaits New Owner

Finished as a high end luxury yacht or converted to a global blue water explorer type vessel – Sensation Yachts SY32 could be anything its future owner wants it to be.

SY32 was one of three 49.5m super yachts in build for a customer before Sensation Yachts was liquidated by HSBC in 2009.

In all three projects, at least the hull was started, with SY32 having the resin-infused hull and superstructure constructed. However, they were never joined together, and the engine room sits in a cradle ready to be lowered into the hull.

Following years of legal wrangling, Ward Demolition was contracted to clear the site by its new owners, with the demolition company now in full ownership of what was inside the Sensation Yachts sheds – SY32.

When clearing the site, Ward Demolition destroyed two of the hulls, which were virtually bare shells, leaving the remaining partially finished SY32 intact.

“SY32 is a great platform for a new owner to finish the boat as originally designed or take the opportunity to change the design to suit the needs or the taste of the new owner – so anything is possible from a high end luxury yacht to a global blue water explorer type vessel,” says Peter Ward, Managing Director of Ward Demolition.

“It could be an amazing vessel for someone, the project is around 40 – 50% complete as it sits, so it could be easily finished as designed or it is at a perfect point in the build to make changes to suit a new owners desires and specifications,”

The tri-deck motor yacht’s specification includes a 9.2 metre beam, 1.98 metre draught and a total displacement of 280 tonnes. The two 2,250hp Caterpillar 3512B diesel engines are fitted into an engine cradle ready to go, and the 72,000 fuel tanks are also fitted into the hull.

Once completed, the yacht would displace 280 tons and have accommodation 12 guests as well as eight crewmembers.

SY32 has had her design checked and pre-approved by the certification society ‘DNV GL’ and her construction continuously monitored by DNV GL, NZ office up until construction was stopped. DNV GL have given a written undertaking to resuming this certification process of SY32, when her build program resumes, to the current or revised design.

Ward says there has been reasonable interest in the vessel from a variety of parties.

“We’ve had offers to buy the vessel in its entirety. But we’ve also had offers from people interested in the engines, generator and bow thruster – all of which are in as new condition.”

Located in one of the most renowned boat building countries in the world, SY32 is perfectly located to take advantage of the local New Zealand technical expertise and to finish the project through to sailing away in what would be a very cost effective way of getting high end quality vessel.

“There are certainly a number of yards here in New Zealand that are more than capable of taking it on and completing the build for a new owner.”

“There are only a small handful of semi complete projects like this around the world, and this is by far the best quality and most highly constructed of them all currently.”

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