400Km Complete for Tasman Kayaker

A little over one week of paddling, Tasman kayaker Scott Donaldson has made amazing progress, travelling around 400km on his way to become the first person to successfully kayak the Tasman Sea solo.

Leaving Coffs Harbour on the Australian coast on May 2, Donaldson initially headed south down the coastline of New South Wales in a strong current, the tactic to enable a ‘slingshot’ out into the Tasman Sea.

Donaldson’s team leader, Nigel Escott who is located in New Zealand has been in daily contact with the adventurer and says both he is pleased with his progress so far.

“On Tuesday he paddled 55km in a 24 hour period which is very impressive. He’s making excellent progress,” says Escott.

“He’s a little bit over half way to Lord Howe Island, and will aim to pass just to the north of it.”

Donaldson aims to make landfall on the Taranaki Coast – a distance of 2200 kilometres although he will likely paddle 3000 kilometres.

As hoped the weather for the first leg of Donaldson’s attempt has been very favourable, allowing him to cover a significant distance.

“The weather so far has been quite good for him, but there is some bad weather coming, so he might have to hold up for a day or two and try and hold station and hopefully not lose too much ground.”

With his Trans-Tasman Kayak attempt, Donaldson is raising awareness about Asthma, a condition he suffers from.

Follow Scott Donaldson’s progress via the website http://tasmankayak.com/

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