Frustrating Week for Tasman Kayaker

Tasman Kayaker Scott Donaldson is ‘frustrated’ as his progress across the Tasman Sea has been slowed by unfavourable wind and tides.

Last week, the kiwi adventurer had made good progress towards New Zealand, but a shift in wind and tidal patterns has pushed him North by about 100km over the past few days.

Donaldson’s team leader, Nigel Escott says the Kayaker is frustrated by the lack of progress this week.

“He’s a bit frustrated at the moment as he’s at the mercy of the wind and tide. He’s trapped in a wind and tide pattern that he’s struggling to get out of. We have a plan, which will involve him travelling in an anti-clockwise direction, so you’ll see him do a circle on the website tracker,” says Escott.

Escott says that events like this were expected by Donaldson, and he experienced them on his last campaign.

“This is nothing new for Scott. He experienced this last time. The positive is that he has made tremendous progress to date, and will make forward progress again once he gets into the more favourable wind and tides in a few days.”

“Apart from this frustration, he’s in good physical condition, and is doing well.”

With his Trans-Tasman Kayak attempt, Donaldson is raising funds for Asthma research. Donaldson himself is an Asthma sufferer. Donations can be made via Givealittle.

Follow Scott Donaldson’s progress via the website

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