Double, Triple Your Control with Yamaha Helm Master

New to the market, Yamaha has announced that its ‘Helm Master’ control system will be available for New Zealand boaties.

Helm Master is a control system designed for use on mid to large-sized boats with twin, triple and quad mounts of Yamaha's large-class 4-stroke outboards. The system provides electronic control of all the steering; gear shifting and throttle functions.

Complimenting the standard steering and remote control unit, there is a joystick that enables 360-degree control and turning of the boat at low speeds and makes for much easier manoeuvring, particularly in narrow areas like during docking/undocking and navigating tight waterways and marinas.

The Helm Master supplements the inherent advantages of an outboard rig, including its great economy, environmental friendliness, ease of maintenance (serviceability) and space efficiency, by adding functions that make even a large boat easier and more enjoyable to manoeuvre, even for beginners.

The joystick makes manoeuvring the boat intuitive over the full 360-degree motion range, enabling fore-aft, port-starboard and diagonal motion as well as in-place rotation of the bow.

As well as making manoeuvring in and out of marina berths and tight launching facilities a breeze, the latest generation of Yamaha’s fully integrated boat control system has features that allow greater convenience and movement while in Helm Master's SetPoint™ modes. These features are perfect for those who need more precise control of boat position.

Helm Master includes - In StayPoint™ or FishPoint™ modes, one forward, rearward or sideward bump of the joystick will move the boat’s position 10 feet; additional bumps within three seconds of each other will move it up to 100 feet total.

In StayPoint™ or DriftPoint™ modes, one twist of the joystick will move the boat’s bow heading angle by 5 degrees; additional twists within three seconds of each other will rotate the boat by up to 50 degrees total.

A feature called Pattern Shift allows the operator to troll below standard in-gear trolling speed by shifting into or out of gear to meet a desired target speed. In calm water, resulting minimum speed can be less than 0.4 knots

Thanks to joystick fine tuning, boaters can now adjust position and heading directly with the joystick.

The FishPoint™ High Mode RPM setting remains adjustable for fine tuning the power requirements for each individual vessel’s needs or to match conditions

The FishPoint™ centre mode for quad engines now allows for quieter operation by using the centre engines only for thrust and the outer for increased electrical charge output. The result is efficient, quiet charging.

Helm Master can be seen for the first time in New Zealand at the Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show, ASB Showground 17-20 May. Where it will be fitted to the Surtees 750 Open Cabin Game Fisher, and powered by twin Yamaha F150 DEC fourstroke outboards.

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